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Despite the fact that this article was published in 2015, it is still relevant:

Unsolved problems in biology—The state of current thinking!

Scientists agree on the importance of applying a systems approach in biology when studying processes in living organisms, incl. aging.

On 27 of April 2021, in Nature Scientific Report was published an article about the study of fish - largemouth buffalo (Ictiobus cyprinellus). Their life expectancy is more than 100 years, they are the longest-living freshwater bony fish (out of 12,000 species). This study shows that the potential of evolutionary-comparative biology has not been revealed even by 1%.

To unlock this potential, funding is required at the state level of all countries of the world.

The aim is to collect at least 1000 from each of 252 countries & then summarized results to file to United Nation (UN), World Health Organization (WHO) & world's leaders for further consideration. It (252 000 signatures) will become the biggest longevity focused petition ever.

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