Is the real time technology of an online early stages diseases diagnosis by measuring human biodata online. With a hardware, software & a complex of devices we predict & prevent the severe diseases on the not known before earliest stages, which can affect the longevity.

The company's objective is in predicting & preventing severe diseases by instant distant real time monitoring of 400+ essential health parameters. With participatory of our users we give insights on their health & with AI server, trained on the 50+ years of G20 Big Data, we make personal recommendations how to avoid the upcoming diseases & to extend their own lifespan.

We are the global early-stage company with a great team of experienced bioinformaticians, award winning scientists, IT developers & top managers with startup experience, solving the global problem of longevity. Our diverse 25 IT Developers team from 5 countries have formed, possibly, the world’s biggest biotech startup, in which all team members devoted to humanity's longevity contribute their working capital 24/7 on the option stock basis.

Our ultimate goal is to make people live 20+ active & happy years without limitations. We bring personal & national interest solution to each nation & region.

Beta version of application AntiObesity is №1 in Apple Store in Obesity category. AntiCoronaVirus can be downloaded from our website.

We believe that you want to see how your kids will raise their own grandchildren! We plan to deliver you this product InTime!

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